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Chapel Rehabilitation Project


Scope of Work for Phase I: $217,000

Phase I is immediate exterior work, and its primary intent is to stop the ongoing damage, stabilize the buidling, and increase the lifespan of the envelope of the building.

Phase I includes:

  • Repairing damaged bricks
  • Repointing all brick and stabilizing the structure
  • 应用ing a clear sealant to the brick

Scope of Work for Phase II: In Development

Phase II will come later and it encompasses interior repairs and refurbishments.

Phase II includes:

  • Refinishing and painting the plaster walls and wooden ceiling that have been damaged by the water seepage.
  • Refinishing floors, pews, stalls, altar, choir loft, etc.
  • Updates for lighting, sound, and audio visual equipment.  Please know that preserving the integrity and the beauty of our Chapel will be maintained and remain a priority with all of these efforts.

Stuller Family Foundation Matching Grant

In September of this year, we applied for a grant with the Stuller Family Foundation to assist with our fundraising efforts for the rehabilitation of our beautiful Chapel. In October, we welcomed Mrs. Cece Stuller and Chuck LaGranger, Executive Director of the Stuller Family Foundation, to tour the Chapel and see first-hand the work involved in this project. Their hearts were touched by the beauty and importance of our most sacred space, and they were moved to support this rehabilitation with a $250,000 matching grant. Every dollar raised for the Chapel between now and December 31, 2023 will be matched 1:1 through this grant up to $250,000. We are so blessed to receive this tremendous gift from the Stuller Family Foundation!  谢谢你!!

Advancement Department

linzee evans lagrange, '79                                                      director of alumnae/i affairs

林迪舞勒布朗                        Director of Development

Chapel Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of the Chapel will be a two-pronged project and will be conducted under the oversight of the reputable historic preservation firm, Row10, out of New Orleans. This is the same group who guided all of our efforts for the Gallery refurbishment in 2018. Because of the urgency of the deterioration, construction and rehabilitation efforts have already begun to address the immediate concerns for the exterior.


The second phase of this project will come later, and it includes interior work and updates. Please know that preserving the original integrity and beauty of our Chapel will remain a priority throughout all of our efforts.


We are asking each and every alum and family to support us in our efforts to preserve and rehabilitate our Chapel. Please consider how you can contribute- perhaps it’s easier to make a one-time donation to the efforts or perhaps it’s a two tiered donation- one for this first Phase and another for the second. Maybe monthly installments better fit your ability. More than anything, though, we need your support.