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Alumnae Spotlight:

Christina Shaub Sciortiono, '14 and Hannah Broussard, '14


alumnae spotlight: ella yerger

Class of 2023, Valedictorian, Sacred Heart Award Recipient

college plans:

Loyal University, New Orleans, Majoring in Biology

Favorite Memory at the Academy:

My favorite ASH memory is Junior Ring Ceremony.  It was such a beautiful ceremony that helped me to realize and value the time that I have spent with my classmates and school community.  Having one of my alumna friends present my ring was so special and something that I will always cherish.

Favorite Tradition:

My favorite ASH tradition is Variety Show.  Everyone is encouraged to submit videos or perform for the upper school, and I love how we can all join together for a good laugh.

What will you miss the most about the Academy?

I think I will miss the connections and relationships that I have made with my teachers the most.  They have been so supportive of me, my work, and my passions, and I don't think that I would have gotten the same level of understanding and support at any other school.

How has Sacred Heart prepared you for life beyond the Academy?

My Sacred Heart education has not only prepared me for college, but it has given me an understanding of the real world and what lies ahead of me.  I have learned to manage social life along with school work, ask informed questions, put forth my opinion, and make connections with people in the professional world.  One of my favorite parts of my classes has been the education I received in current real-world issues.  It has made me passionate about reading and researching topics that interest me.